Creative Cooking With Thermomix Ⓡ


Do you avoid making some dishes at home because of the time it takes, or maybe the complexity of the dish? Or are you a good cook who would love to entertain more easily or add a special dish to your menu? Or are you an expert cook who would love to get even more creative in the kitchen and find time to experiment with new ingredients and styles of cooking?

Whatever you want to achieve, Thermomix ® will inspire you to be more creative because it will free up time and give you the confidence to try new things.

Many Thermomix ® users will tell you that they don’t buy ready-made bread anymore, that they don’t buy jars of sauces, or jams or chutneys. All of these things are so easy to make at home with your Thermomix ® without a trip to the supermarket.

Thermomix ® might inspire you to make jam in 15 minutes from some leftover strawberries. Thermomix ® might cook a complete steamed meal with chicken and then you might use it to make a chicken stock in 40 minutes. Or maybe there’s a challenging recipe like risotto which is so easy in the Thermomix ® that you become confident with and then try a different risotto every week. Or perhaps you never have time to make cakes and then discover that a carrot cake in the Thermomix ® can be ready in 20 seconds!


When you become creative with your Thermomix ® there is a huge resource of Thermomix ® recipes online, in cookbooks and on Recipe Chips and to make life even easier you can use the Guided Cooking feature so that Thermomix ® can help you achieve perfect results every time.