One applicance does it all!

The weighing scales, the blender, the food processor, the bread maker, the slow cooker, the steamer, the coffee grinder, the smoothie maker… the list goes on! The average household might spend as much as £1000 on these kitchen appliances.

Thermomix ® performs the function of more than twelve kitchen appliances in one, which not only frees up sorely needed kitchen worktop and cupboard space, but also means there’s no need to purchase multiple − and often costly − kitchen gadgets.

Your Thermomix ® does it all in one compact unit with less cost and great quality.

Save yourself numerous trips to the supermarket and make savings each and every time by preparing your own soups, breads, sauces, smoothies and even baby food. Cooking with Thermomix ® helps reduce food waste and cut down on the purchase of expensive ready-made meals.

Economical and ecological

By reducing oven and hob use, and by doing the job of multiple appliances in one, Thermomix ® uses minimal energy in food preparation and cooking, which helps to keep energy bills low and reduce your carbon footprint.