touch-screen2 Using Thermomix ® is the very definition of simplicity. Its clear intuitive menus on the touchscreen make it easy to control all the Thermomix cooking functions, and in a breakthrough innovation, your recipes are now available directly on your Thermomix ®. The touchscreen is also the display for Thermomix’s ® Guiding Cooking feature, which lets you browse through recipes on your Recipe Chips and follow clear step-by-step instructions to achieve perfect results. Even complicated dishes are made easy with simple directions that you can scroll through as you cook. You can even tap to view variations on recipes or see nutritional information to plan healthier meals.

And with only the information you need shown on screen for faster, simpler navigation, you’ll find the interface so helpful and easy to use. Thermomix ® has always been about great-tasting food and easy cooking and now we’ve made it an even more enjoyable experience with a digital screen that you will love to reach out and touch. Together with the single control dial the touchscreen delivers an experience that is so simple, yet so powerful. Discover a world of possibilities at your fingertips.