10092014With your Thermomix TM5 today you get:
The most advanced kitchen appliance in the world
The Basic Cookbook with 166 beautifully illustrated recipes
The Basic Cookbook Recipe Chip which gives you access to these recipes on your Thermomix with the Guided Cooking feature
As other Recipe Chips and recipe books are released you can purchase these and use the Recipe Chips on your Thermomix with the Guided Cooking feature.
Since TM31 recipes can also be used on your Thermomix, you can also use TM31 recipe books.




19092014Later in 2015, the unique serial number of your Thermomix TM5 gives you access to the Thermomix Recipe Platform on the worldwide web where you can manage all your digital recipes. This includes:
A free Recipe Collection to welcome you to the Thermomix Recipe Platform
You can upload all the recipes from your Basic Cookbook
Browse and purchase other Recipe Collections which have been fully certified by Vorwerk
Receive information about new Recipe Collections as they are released each month
Plan and organise your weekly menu and your shopping list
Enjoy weekly recipe suggestions and news about popular recipes
In 2015, you will also be able to download the free Thermomix App which gives you access to your digital recipe treasure on smartphones and tablets.

With the Thermomix Recipe Platform and the Thermomix App, your online recipe treasure will be available anytime, anywhere – on your computer, smartphone or tablet bringing the digital world of Thermomix ® cooking to life wherever you are!