From the day I purchased my Thermomix, 8 years ago, my life has changed in a
number of ways. First and foremost, being a mother to teenagers is never an easy
task especially when it came to cooking. From the moment I purchased my
Thermomix, my joy of cooking came back at an all time high where I was looking
forward to coming home and trying out new recipes. Cooking for my teenagers
didn’t feel like such a chore anymore. Cooking has always been one of my passions
but with my Thermomix, my life became a lot simpler.

Four years after my first purchase of the machine, my passion for cooking grew
stronger allowing me to take the leap to becoming an advisor. That is when I
joined the Quebec Nobelhaus team. I started off using this as a leisurely side-job
but as my passion grew stronger; it quickly turned into a full-time job. As a
salesperson for Nobelhaus, it has allowed me to develop and improve the
rudiments of sales and human relations. I also learned to share my culinary
passion with everyone.

Now, two years later, the Thermomix has changed my life for the third time.
During a short stay in my hometown in Baie des Chaleurs in Gaspé, I
decided to introduce this machine to the community. I felt that people
here were missing out on such a revolutionary machine that I decided to
move here and make them discover the new culinary world Thermomix brings.
I’m proud to say that more and more people have redefined cooking in their
households in Baie des Chaleurs and have adopted the same passion as I.
What a blessing to be back in my hometown with my passion!

With such varieties in food that Gaspé has to offer, whether it be surf or turf,
the Thermomix is a definite must for both day-to-day people as much as for
culinary merchandizers/producers of the region. I make it my mission to
help people of my community eat well by simplifying theirs lives or by
simplifying their merchandizing products.

Mrs. Thermomix in Gaspésie